Needle free insulin

Developing orally available insulin is a daunting task and as such it is regarded as the holy grail in insulin delivery. Although being one of the smallest endogenous proteins, insulin is still too large and polar to simply pass the buccal mucosal layers to reach the blood stream. Downstream intestinal absorption is also impossible for natural insulin, since it is readily degraded to nutrients in the digestive tract, rendering it non-functional.

Sublin BV is a mid pre-clinical stage company, moving forward towards the clinical testing of sublingual insulin formulation within several years.

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The company

Sublin BV, spun out from the pharma branch of NanoServe. The strength of NanoServe’s proprietary technology is its tuneable, stable and safe-by-design formulation possibilities.

It is our mission to provide diabetic patients with a disruptive alternative modality to their multiple and daily insulin injections by developing sublingual available insulin formulations based on both fast-acting release and long-acting release.

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