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2023- September 1st

Sublin secured a Series B+ investment round

Sublin secured another investment via the participation of a new private investor.


2023 -June 17th

Fifth Annual Shareholder Meeting

Sublin held its fifth annual meeting at Pivot Park in Oss, NL


2023 -June 1st

In-house manufacturing of sublingual ‘carrier’ films

Sublin succeeded in developing its in-house manufacturing line for novel sublingual carrier films that can hold either insulin particles (SLIM®) or incretin particles for application under the tongue.


2022 -November 22nd

Publication of Sublin’s sublingual insulin & incretin results

The in vivo application achievements of our sublingual insulin and incretins were published in BiotechNews & Life Sciences


2022 -May 30th

Fourth Annual Shareholder Meeting

Sublin held its fourth annual meeting in Belgium


2021- September 24th

Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting

Several business opportunities for Sublin have significantly matured. As such, on Friday September 24th, Sublin held an extraordinary meeting to align its business strategy with all shareholders


2021 – July 8th

Sublin successfully closed a Series B investment

The company Sublin has secured a Series B investment that allows the company to progress to first-in-human clinical studies with its S.L.I.M.® formulation. This human study will be focussed on comparing the safety and efficacy of S.L.I.M.® in providing diabetic patients insulin treatment via a sublingual film versus insulin injections.


2021 – April 12th

Third Annual Shareholder Meeting

On Monday 12th of April the third annual meeting has been held online.


2020 – June 1st

Series A+ secured

Within the Series A round, an additional investment was made to ensure Sublin can cover its safety and pharmacokinetics package and move forwards to preparations of a drug product that can be tested in humans.


2020 - January 25th

Second Annual Shareholder Meeting

On Saturday 25th of January the second annual meeting has been held at Aristo Meeting Centre (NL).


2019 - January 26th  

First Annual Shareholder Meeting

On Saturday 26th of January the first annual general meeting has been held at Pivot Park (NL).


2019 – January

Sublin secured a Series A investment round

Sublin BV has secured a Series A financing round that enables the company to move forward with its preclinical development of sublingual insulin modality (S.L.I.M.®) as a next-generation drug-delivery technology.


2018 - December 20th   

Sublin based at Pivot Park

Sublin BV announces the establishment of its company at Pivot Park. The decision to found Sublin at Pivot Park depended largely on the presence of the parent company NanoSERVE and the excellent facilities and strong pharmaceutical community at the site. The fact that the former Organon site formed the cradle for insulin-based therapies almost one hundred years ago, is inspiring to pursue SUBLIN’s quest to develop the ultimate vehicle for insulin delivery.


2018 - September 21st

Founding of Sublin BV

The corporate Sublin B.V. has been founded September 21st 2018 as a private limited liability company incorporated in Netherlands under Company Number 72653639. The company is performing its business activities on the ‘development of pharmaceutical products related to diabetes and metabolic diseases’.

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