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Sublin BV

Sublin BV, spun out from the pharma branch of NanoServe. The strength of NanoServe’s proprietary technology is its tuneable, stable and safe-by-design formulation possibilities.

Sublin BV is located at Pivot Park, Oss (shown below)


It is our mission to provide diabetic patients with a disruptive alternative modality to their multiple and daily insulin injections by developing sublingually available insulin formulations based on both fast-acting release and long-acting release, and providing these patients with also other sublingual antidiabetic drugs that nowadays still need to be injected.


In the vision Sublin, our product has a positive impact on the lives of millions of patients by providing access to disruptive new medications and medications forms. Moreover, the development, employment and distribution channels are balanced to economical and societal capacities. In this way, Sublin products are in line with the social & solidarity economy incorporation leaving a positive footprint to societal burdens.

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