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Diabetes patients

Needle free insulin

As a diabetes patient you are facing the difficult task of managing your daily life style, diet and medicine usage. At Sublin we do everything we can to help the patients with type I and type II diabetes, to manage their disease and at the same time maintain the highest quality of life possible. Here we will soon provide information on the disease, and on how to use our novel insulin formulation and other novel antidiabetic products to manage your diabetes. This way, you are well-informed on how our medicines work, and why they can fully and safely replace your former injections.

Live your life the way you want to, your diabetes should not be a life limitation!

For decades, an unsatisfied urge exists for alternative routes of insulin administration other than injections or pumps. We believe that our solution is a true next-generation drug-delivery product. We are developing a safe microencapsulated form of insulin, packed on a pleasant film specially designed for sublingual (under the tongue) administration. This sublingual insulin modality (SLIM) has many benefits compared to injections. In addition, we also focus on making other injected antidiabetic drugs sublingually available.

Sublin’s SLIM technology is aimed to provide the following benefits:

  • non-invasive, as it is needle free and placed under the tongue for fast absorbance
  • the only child-friendly and fear-reducing way of providing insulin
  • replacing your fast-acting insulin (before meals) and long-acting insulin (maintenance)
  • allowing easy tuning of the insulin dosage due to different product dosages
  • lowering insulin overdosing risk or under-dosing risks
  • providing you with a safe and comfortable administration route day after day
  • easy to store or travel with and doesn’t require any cooling

Sublin: simply aiming to provide the best means to cope with diabetes mellitus!

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